How to quickly establish 100% family harmony through an incontestable Will, Estate or Succession plan within 90 days, without wasting your valuable time or money ...

3 simple steps to quickly construct 100% Family Harmony, with ZERO complexity or legal overwhelm. 

The Peace of Mind Plan™ is an easy to follow solution which works for virtually any caring, successful family or business. Unlike most legal or professional advice which only adds a single ‘piece of the puzzle’, often leaving you more confused, frustrated and overwhelmed than when you started (not to mention out thousands of dollars and still at risk of contested wills), 

The Peace of Mind Plan™ is the completed puzzle and solution itself! All you have to do is complete the right steps in the right order. And we’ll be right along side you every step of the way.


Mark Westcott Legacy Architect & Creator of The Peace of Mind Plan™ 

Mark Westcott has over 30 years industry experience specialising in estate planning, business transition and personal productivity. Mark uncovers your legacy intent and facilitates its implementation. Mark has created the unique Legacy Planning process, The Peace of Mind Plan™, which assists in providing business and wealth succession certainty to successful business owners and professionals. Mark's lifetime mission is to help protect 1 million families.

Who we help: A person/family with an estate over $5M, where family security & certainty is a conscious priority. They fully utilise my capability and appreciate my value in bringing family harmony to their life. They are comfortable I am well rewarded and it is mutually profitable on-going relationship. They sing our praises from he rooftop and actively refer us to their friends. Their current situation, allows us to excel at our process in this area

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