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These Workshops are renowned for revolutionising the way business owners function to produce their best results—both personally and professionally. 


Quarterly group sessions to focus on Freedom, Relationships and Profit.

Your Annual Blueprint

The initial, critical and thorough planning process to set your vision and goals for the year ahead. To establish your blueprint for the year ahead.

Your Time Distribution Audit

Fine tuning your life balance—ensuring you are spending enough time not just on work, but on your personal relationships and your personal freedom.

The 25 Year Vision

Creating this long term vision will allow you to appreciate the time you have now and as well as the time and space available to achieve your lofty goals.

The Kolbe Advantage

The freedom you gain once you understand your natural and most effective way to attain the best results in all areas of your life.

Your Technology & Innovation Exponential

Helping you identify the most effective technology which is right for you and your business. It's not a case of downloading or installing everything.

Discovering Your Primary Purpose

Honing in on the one thing which gives you the greatest joy, results and energy. Also, to remove or delegating the things which don't.

The Critical Team Roles

Ensuring the right team members fit the correct job roles can exponentially enhance your productivity and workplace morale. Getting the 'right-fit' in your business.

Your Personal Strategic Evolution

Helping you develop the transition between working 'full time' in your business to a more consultancy and visionary role. Developing the path for the future success and succession of your business. 


"These workshops allow me to hit the ‘pause’ button and breathe—think with clarity and the discipline to focus on what’s really important in my professional and personal life."


“The process objectively helps to look at the balance between work, family and other interests. It is an excellent way to help you determine your most valuable role and to delegate all the other tasks. It is a refreshingly new way to look at our lifestyle and how to improve areas for our future life.” 

Richard & Sue Lewandowski

“This program has been a true turning point in my life. Without your support none of my advances would have been possible. I’m focused, organised, productive, relaxed and happier—with the greatest sense of achievement that I’ve ever had.” 

Bob Muller 

“Attending the Workshops have become an essential, invaluable resource to me—Mark’s innovative ideas and solutions are way ahead of the rest. Through this coaching and his leadership my business has grown and given me greater confidence.”

Aimie Dorratt

“Many things have changed for the better: • I am now fitter than ever • My income has increased • Increased staffing levels • Increased family time • Taking regular holidays again I am now able to consider the big picture more clearly and regularly by not getting bogged down in the day to day ‘stuff’. I can highly recommend these Workshops run by Mark Westcott.”

Andrew Richards

"Attending Mark’s Workshops has given us the tools and direction to allow us to achieve the things in life that we have always wanted to pursue and enjoy. Attending as a couple really gives us both a common understanding of where we want to be in our lives.” 

Nev & Michelle Donald

“The regularity of the program enables you to develop an ongoing discipline to actually achieve your goals—something that is difficult to accomplish at a once-off training seminar. I have gained immense confidence in myself and now find myself planning more achievable goals both in business and on a personal level.” 

Debbie Giudes 


First, ask yourself, personally and professionally, when was the last time you took the time to PLAN for your success?

  • Are you capitalising on your most valuable skills?
  • What issues are you currently facing which you need to remove from your life?
  • What connections do you need to focus and capitalise on?
  • What personal advantages do you need to ensure are maximised?
  • Are you working continually 'in the business' and not allowing yourself enough time to focus 'on the business'? 
  • Is your balance between health, wealth and relationships appropriate?

4 Full Day Workshops Per Year

These extensive full day workshops are designed to help you recharge yourself and rejuvenate your business goals. The quarterly format helps you establish your targets, track and critique your progress and to learn new skills to keep you on course. The open forum of the Workshops also encourages cross fertilisation of ideas from other entrepreneurs in attendance which further facilitates your progress. 

BONUS Inclusions


A. Monthly Accountability - Inividual Sessions; and B. Quarterly half-day - Individual or Team Sessions

C. regular group Skype progress calls 

2021 Workshop Dates



Hi, I’m Mark Westcott.

The Advantage Group with Mark Westcott

I've been helping business owners for almost 38 years with strategies to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life, both personally and professionally.

Through one-on-one coaching or group workshops, renowned for revolutionising the way business owners, managers and teams function to produce the best results. I have well over 35 years industry experience specialising in business transition and personal productivity providing creative guidance in the critical areas of freedom, relationships and profit. My expertise in these areas allows clients great confidence and progress. 


Let's talk!

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